Halloween, Spirit Week

Halloween Spirit Week Ideas


Every year at the one of the salon where I worked, we had Halloween Spirit Week. Instead of only dressing up on Halloween, we have a whole week with different themes to dress up. It’s so much fun, and I wanted to bring Spirit Week to the new salon. We created a list of ideas for each day and voted for our favorites. I’ll be sharing pictures soon with all of our costumes and decorations I created.

For now, I wanted to share the list of ideas, so you can have your own spirit week too:

  1. Dress Like Your Boss Day
  2. Camo Day
  3. Mime Day
  4. Disney Day
  5. Farm Day
  6. Steampunk Day
  7. Pirate Day
  8. Superhero/ Villains Day
  9. Mythical Creatures Day
  10. ‘Merica Day
  11. Tropical Day
  12. Rockstar Day
  13. Historical Figures Day
  14. Literary Character Day
  15. Harry Potter Day
  16. Decades Day
  17. Crazy Hair Day
  18. PacMan Day
  19. Zombie Day
  20. Halloween Colors Day
  21. Star Wars Day
  22. Sports Team Day
  23. International Day
  24. Cowboys and Indians Day
  25. Nerd Day

I’m not going to tell you the ones we picked for this year just yet. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. 😉

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!

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