Real Talk

Real Talk// Pursue your Happy


I shared a little last week about how I was running on fumes: exhausted, burnt out, and apathetic.

There are only a few times I’ve ever been apathetic in life: when I was either feeling burnt out or my self esteem was in the toilets, or maybe a little of both.

I realize now that I was so concerned with busting my butt to make my business successful that I forgot to take care of me and what was good for my heart.

The other day, I downloaded a karaoke app on my phone and spent hours just singing along to songs on my phone. I forgot how much joy singing brings to me. Y’all, my heart was so full.

You’ve been given passions for a reason. Do more of what brings you joy every day. ❤️ if you’re at a point of exhaustion and burn out, go pursue those things that inspire you and make you feel passionate again.

❤ Bekah

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