Beauty School

7 More Things They Didn’t Tell You About Beauty School

A little while ago, I wrote a post about 7 things they didn’t tell you about beauty school. Here’s the original post. Then, I realized I had a few more that were left off that list. So here are 7 more things they didn’t tell you about beauty school.


1. The color wheel is your best friend. When you are working with hair color, keep a picture of the color wheel close to you. (I have a tattoo on my arm.) The color wheel will answer a lot of your questions if you know how to use it.

2. You will question this career choice. You will have bad days. You will have days that make you question whether or not you should quit. You will have days you just can’t seem to do anything right. Keep going. The days that reassure you chose the right career will outnumber the others.


3. Take every opportunity given to you. You have an opportunity to go to a class and further your education in beauty school? Take it. It will only add to your growth during beauty school.

4. It’s not for everyone. Beauty school and this industry are not for everyone. It’s ok to admit that you bit off more than you can chew. It’s ok to realize that beauty school just isn’t for you. It’s not easy, and this career isn’t easy either. The number of people that will continue in this career long-term is few. You have to have a true passion and be willing to make some sacrifices to be successful in this industry. It’s perfectly ok if you don’t want to make those sacrifices. It’s ok if you no longer have the passion for it like you thought you did. ****Don’t confuse loss of passion with feeling burnt out though!**** (We can talk about that on another blog post.)

backstage cos school

5. Find a mentor. See the girl in that picture pointing at me? That’s one of the most incredible women. She’s my mentor. Most of the things I know about hair I learned from her. When I’m struggling to figure out a formula or a placement, I send her a text and she talks me through it. When I want an honest critique, I send her a picture. She’s my cheerleader through good days and bad days. There are so many amazing people in this industry that are happy to share their wealth of knowledge if you’re willing to ask.


6. Embrace the moment. One of my biggest achievements was graduating beauty school. I never graduated from a traditional school, and beauty school took me giving everything I had to complete. Live in that moment of you did it for a little while!


7. Go get that license. Don’t take too long trying to pass state boards. You’ll forget more putting it off trying to give yourself extra time to study. It took me 3 1/2 weeks from my graduation date to actually be able to take state boards.

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