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Feature Friday// Essential Oil Car Diffuser

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Y’all! I didn’t even know they made oil diffusers for cars until more recently. I’ve been using essential oils for a while, but I just started using this diffuser in my car. I threw out my car air freshener, and I’ve only been using this one!

You can purchase one here through Amazon. You just have to be careful to only use a couple of drops in the water or there’s to much oil to filter the water through to diffuse. ❤

Make sure you read the directions, because there are two different settings- the red light that comes on when you start your car is the off setting. When you push the power button, there's a blue light that's just one continuous stream. Then, if you push the power button again, there's a purple light and an intermittent stream on the diffuser.

Down sides: I have noticed over the time that the printing where the power button is beginning to wear off.

So much better than an air freshener hanging from your rearview mirror, and there are so many more options for different oils to diffuse.

❤ Bekah

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